Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to deal with losing your job

Things happen for a reason

I found out recently that the company I'm working for probably aren't going to afford to pay me next month. Given my current financial situation, this means that I will have to leave slightly earlier than I hoped that I'd be going. However, rather than see this as a negative, the new and improved me has taken it much more as a positive. It appears that these things happen for a reason, probably a result of the intentions I've been manifesting starting to work their magic! Here are a couple of reasons why:

It's just money

Of course, the biggest concern that most will have as a result of losing their job is that their income will stop. This is naturally a worry, since this would cause some issues with maintaining your lifestyle, paying your bills, and so on. However, none of these problems matter since they can all be overcome.

There are other revenue streams that can be exploited, providing enough cash to cover bills and the like. Plus, governments tend to help you out if you're in financial trouble. And lifestyles that require large amounts of money are probably wasteful anyway!

The job offers are rolling in

Amazingly, it's not until you put some focus on the fact that you need a new job that you realise that you can quite easily get one. Already, within a week of my news, I've found that recruitment agencies always have at least two or three relevant jobs there waiting, and these are progressing nicely. Plus, the jobs seem to be less pressured, less stressful and less demanding than my current job, which will give me more opportunity to start working on my other revenue streams.

The company offers are rolling in

In addition, we've been chatting to a few more people recently with a view to starting this business of ours. And suddenly we're making more ground with it than we have managed in the three months previous to it. Another revenue stream lined up means another potential life improvement on the way!

An opportunity

Of course, the changing of a job provides each of us with an opportunity. For me, it has allowed me to step back and review the things I want to work at to provide me with my income. And armed with this opportunity, I am now using my spare time to learn more programming languages so that I can eventually provide all of the technology used in my ventures. On this basis, the prospect of losing my job has actually driven me to learn more skills that I can use in the future.

Dispelling the myth

Of course, for those that didn't believe it in the first instance, having a full time job and working for someone else doesn't provide you with any security at all. By putting myself in charge, I will be in control of the revenue streams that I rely on. I can add new ones, fund existing ones or kill loss making revenue streams. On this basis, the security becomes my own, and only I can be the one responsible for losing it all.

Focus, intention and a kick in the ass

Most importantly, the recent news has provided extra focus in my life in terms of moving more quickly into the things I choose to do. My intentions are becoming clearer, and I can now see many of the essential tasks I need to complete over the next month to push me on in my life. I have managed to achieve more things immediately, because the focus has once again moved onto myself and the benefits of these achievements are once again my own.

Plus, it's given me a kick in the ass. The approach I decided on for this quest of mine was a sound one - clearly I would have been a fool to give it all up immediately and aimlessly jump into a massive life changing event. However, this new event has given me the clarity to see that whilst I had taken a wise step in approaching with caution, the comfort and security of a monthly pay cheque often dulls and dilutes our aims and targets in life. The swift kick in the ass that I was given has thrown these goals right back into view. summary

It has amazed me how positive I am with this news. This is the first time that I will have left a job on anyone's terms but my own, but it has provided a certain amount of clarity and focus that was needed at this stage in my journey. My advice to anyone reading this is to embrace change, since it does happen for reasons that may be daunting, but will turn out for the best in the end. Whilst this seems like a distant reality at first, becoming positive and using this change to your own benefit will ensure that you grow and learn and push your life in the right direction.


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